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What makes our customers rate us #1 and 5-Stars? The most common answer is that Hands On is genuine and professional. We started in Houston and grew rapidly due to our quality and our "customers come first" approach. If you are seeking a carpet cleaner in Spring, Texas. Look no further and give Hands On a try.

Our Spring Carpet Cleaning Clients Rate Us #1

Leaving a service job with cleaner and dried carpets is not only what we focus on. Our approach to our clients is to build a long term relationship. Our foundation has lead us to expand our cleaning services in multiple-cities across Texas and we are proud of that. We understand your demanding needs and that is why we offer low prices and punctual service arrivals everytime.

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No matter the size, we are capable of handling the toughest stains and schedules. Our technicians are educated and experienced to bring demanding clients a perfect experience from start to finish.

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We understand accidents and emergencies. Give us a call and request a rapid appointment. Our technicians are readily available to service any Spring home or commercial suite.

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In any event of a spill or flood, our response is your key to having it professionally cleaned as if it never happened. We are perfect for commercial cleaning since we meet the demanding needs of late nights and early mornings. We are certified and insured to provide you a peace of mind with our carpet cleaning services in Spring TX.

What We Do

On arrival, our technicians asess the cleaning area with you and confirm the procedurce. Once confirmed, our team retrieves all necessary hoses, hazard signs, cleaning-solutions and corner-wall bumpers to ensure property protection and a deep clean. Once completed, we ensure that the client is satisfied and all company equipment is picked up.

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