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We understand homeowners, whether it is timing, pricing, convenience or quality. Hands On began in Houston, but has expanded into Katy, Texas due to a high-demand for our spceciality service. Our clients notice a significant differnce with our genuine hospitality and quality to cleaning carpets the right way.

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Locally owned and operated, we continue to host a variety of professional services at a low price. We believe that maintaing a healthy home should not break the bank. If you are seeking a top rated carpet cleaner in Katy or the best carpet cleaning, we guarantee that our services will surpass others and leave you with a great experience. Hands On is a true 24/7 carpet cleaner in Katy, Texas - Request a service quote or speak to us directly.

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Don't just try any carpet cleaner, Hands On is a certified and professional carpet cleaner with 30+ years of experience. Contact us anytime, we will be happy to meet you and show you our difference.

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Our technicians are 24/7 ready to meet the demanding needs of emergency and holiday season needs. To truly seperate ourselves from the rest, we guarantee our services with our warranty pledge.

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In any event of a spill or flood, our response is your key to having it professionally cleaned as if it never happened. We are perfect for commercial cleaning since we meet the demanding needs of late nights and early mornings. We are certified and insured to provide you a peace of mind with our carpet cleaning services in Katy TX.

What We Do

We will arrive on site with commercial-grade equipment that will be used to deep clean and extract cleaning moisture. Our methods produce a clean environment that is open to foot traffic soon after completion.

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Homeowners and Commercial Clients Rely On Our Maintenance Cleaning - You Should Too!

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