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Experts in Residential Carpet Cleaning

No matter how often you get out the vacuum cleaner, there becomes a time when your carpet starts to look dirty and in need of some extra love. We specialize in offering high-quality carpet cleaning services to clients located in and around Houston, with a wide range of professional carpet cleaning Houston solutions designed to suit your needs.

Whether you require a steam clean to remove grime and extract dirt, or you wish us to carry out a hot water extraction to remove stains and dirt patches, we will work to restore your carpet back to the best possible condition and make you feel proud of your flooring once again! Our cleaning technicians use powerful equipment and advanced cleaning methods to ensure that the best possible clean is achieved. Call us now and book an appointment today. We offer competitive prices and are always happy to provide expert guidance.

We are proud to announce our service expansion. We now offer carpet cleaning Katy TX, carpet cleaning Spring TX for homeowners and commercial clients. See why our customers rate us #1 and 5-Stars.

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From Carpet Cleaning To Water Damage Restoration, We Can Handle It All. Trust the Oldest Independent Carpet
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Carpet Cleaning Solution to Suit Your Business's Needs

Whatever type of business premises you have, high levels of daily footfall means that carpets soon start to look tired and dirty. At the same time, a clean carpet is a vital aspect of maintaining a professional image and providing a fresh, inviting environment in which to work.

Is your business looking for a professional cleaning company to look after all of your carpet cleaning needs? Whether you need one office cleaning or an entire building, our high quality carpet cleaning solutions will remove dirt, grime and stains from your carpet, leaving you with a fresh and clean working space for all.

Unlike many companies, our cleaning services are designed to fit around your business's needs and can be booked at out-of-hours slots. Our experienced cleaning technicians take great pride in providing high quality results, while our competitive prices and fully insured services ensure complete peace of mind. Get in touch and book an appointment today.

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Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Our Professional Cleaners Have The Expertise And Knowledge To Restore The Natural Beauty Of Your Carpets.

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Reliable Water Damage Restoration Services

Whether it's a small radiator leak or a full-scale flood, water damage can wreak havoc on your home or place of business and one of the main things to be affected is often your carpets and flooring.

We provide water and flood damage restoration services to residential and commercial clients in and around Houston, with a clear emphasis on providing high-quality and reliable services in often challenging circumstances. Hands On is now servicing outside of Houston. Water damage Spring TX and water damage Katy TX homeowners and commercial clients can request our 5-Star rated service.

In any event of water damage, a rapid response is imperative in terms of considerably minimizing damage levels and reducing both loss and risk. Our 24-hour response team is here to help you and aim to be with you in the shortest possible timeframe.

Residential And Commercial Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning

We Offer High-Quality And Professional Carpet Cleaning Services.

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Professional Air Duct Cleaning

Did you know that a huge amount of dirt, dustand allergens collect in your air ducts over time? Your vents are likely to be hiding all kinds of harmful bacteria and mold, which come through your vents and pollute the air you breathe every day. In addition, the build up of grime means that air can no longer flow freely through your ventilation systems, causing them to be much less efficient and therefore more costly to run.

We offer professional air duct cleaning services in and around Houston, Texas. Our experienced technicians use the latest equipment and robust cleaning procedures to thoroughly clean your air ducts and make them free of all dirt and bacteria.

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Air Duct Cleaning

Positive and great things about the city and why the company loves the city.

We are a professional cleaning company based in Houston, Texas and offering high-quality services to the city and surrounding neighborhoods.

Proud of Houston

As a company based in the heart of Houston, we are extremely proud of our local area. Houston is a thriving metropolis, with a huge range of business and leisure amenities, including a thriving cultural district that includes the renowned Houston Grand Opera. Moreover, Houston is famous the world over for the NASA Space Center.

But while even a short visit to Houston is enough to appreciate why this is such a great city, what makes Houston truly a great place to live and work is that it is home to a truly amazing community. They support our business and help to ensure that we thrive in all aspects of our activities – and we feel very lucky to be a part of it.

Community and Environmental Responsibility

We strive to be a valued member of the community and a company that makes a positive contribution to it at every given opportunity. Furthermore, we are also actively aware of the impact our business may have on both the local and wider environment. We take environmental responsibility extremely seriously and aim to use safe, environmentally friendly cleaning products wherever possible, as well as training all our staff in environmental awareness.